“I am more than happy with the help that me, my husband and children have received from Dr. Andrea. She listens to where my pain is and what my babies problems are and takes the time to help us. My main focus was to heal my premature arthritis in my knee and piriformis syndrome in my low back/hip area. Dr. Andrea’s techniques are phenomenal because she has always made us feel better. As a busy mother of four, I am thrilled that she doesn’t overbook her patients so I can get in and out very quickly.”     -Kelle C.

“Dr. Burke has been such a blessing to our family! My son suffered from severe torticollis since birth and her experience and knowledge with babies and kids has helped my son so much! After only seeing her a few times he already had improved greatly! I had always been a bit skeptical with chiropractic and thought it was for people who were only in severe pain, but that is not the case! I had a nasty cold that would just not go away, and brought my son in to see her for his weekly appointments. She asked if I wanted an adjustment and I was so sick of the cold I thought “why not”. After only 2 hours after my adjustment I felt so much better! Everything drained out of my head and my cold was gone the next day! Dr. Burke is fantastic and I would recommend her to everyone!”     -Melanie L.

“Dr Andrea Burke is amazing!  GO!!       -Anonymous

“I am sorry to text you so late but I just have to tell you that I am headache free thanks to you I’ll sleep tonight for the first time in five nights thanks Dr Andrea”        -Laurie H.

“My newborn finally pooped tonight and is comfortably nursing on my left breast.  You have magical hands!”      -Erica B.

“When I first met Dr. Andrea, I was 6 mo. pregnant and suffering from severe neck pain. I was a mess – physically & emotionally. What I loved the most about Andrea’s care was that she took the time to listen to my whole story, she wanted to really know me, not just my symptoms. This personalized care has led to our entire family enjoying nearly weekly appointments (which feel more like time spent with a trusted friend who is helping our family function at our healthiest form possible during our current season if life). She also always takes the time to patiently listen to each one of my children and research areas of concern that are beyond normal adjustments. Dr. Burke’s Chiropractic care has helped us function optimally with dyslexia, pregnancy, postpardem depression, anxiety, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, seasonal affect disorder, digestion issues, ear infections, stress of traveling, emotional stress, etc. We felt completely safe & grateful to have her adjust our newborn (the day after her birth) and every single week for the first year of her life! We have recently begun to dream again as a family about our future, believing that we have experienced much healing (a big part due to Dr. Andrea’s care). I cannot fully express our appreciation for her and her passion to help others through her genuine spirit and skilled chiropractic care.”


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